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Paragon Clinical LLC"Bearing the burdens of the most weak and vulnerable in our society, through
skilled care and generosity, and treating people with the dignity they are due"

Paragon Creates a Medical Infrastructure within Your Facility

  • Working together, we transform your facility into a hospital-grade medical service, where the goal is to provide not only for the physical, but emotional and spiritual needs of patients and families. 
  • We represent you to your hospital partners, creating preferred provider status.
  • We provide hospital-facing outcome measurement tools to help you tell your story and demonstrate your outcomes.
  • We manage your medical staff and create an integrated delivery system providing preemptive patient assessment, acute on-site care up to 7 days per week, all in the context of true compassion....where each individual is uniquely valued and treated.

Paragon Responds to the Changing Healthcare Climate

  • Hospitalizations account for over 33% of total healthcare expenditures.
  • Hospitals will be severely penalized for avoidable re-hospitalizations.
  • Both patients and families have increased expectations.
  • There is an increasing regulatory burden and monitoring of clinical outcomes for medical care facilities.
  • Nursing facilities who want post-acute care admissions and referrals will be required to provide hospital-level care on-site for clinically stable residents.